Feature 18 August 2020 

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Super comfy and easily adjustable to ensure a good fit, Wipeout’s new facemasks will come in handy for adults and kids in both everyday and active wear. 

Wipeout are now making Face Masks

Wipeout (, the company that makes piste maps on micro-fibre lens cloth, has used its contacts to start making high quality face masks, particularly suited to active people.

After the founder of Wipeout, Julie, started making face masks with her sewing machine at home for her local community, she soon started to think about diversifying and making masks on a wider scale.

Julie quickly learnt what worked well and what complied with international guidelines. After working closely with suppliers, Julie decided to produce two-layer cotton masks as well as masks which use micro-fibre cooling fabric. With active people, particularly skiers and snowboarders, her usual customers, she felt that high quality masks which were as comfortable and breathable as possible would be what her customers were looking for.

All Wipeout masks are now available online ( and include fun, colourful designs. They also have soft ear loops and a nose wire – great for wearers of glasses. Masks are available for both adults and children.

Adult or child cotton mask – £3.99
Adult or child micro-fibre cooling mask – £5.99
Masks are also available in packs of three

Feature in Snow-Forecast 16 August 2020

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Trail-Maps-On-Lens-Cloths Company Moves into Mask Production


Wipeout, the small-business built around owner Julie Slaughter’s genius idea of printing trail maps on to high quality lens cloth that can also be used to clean goggles and sunnies – has branched out in to producing face masks for use during the pandemic.

Julie started making the masks for her local town/ commune in France, with her sewing machine and bare hands soon after lockdown began,

“My usual work of dealing in Wipeout Microfibre Piste Maps was quickly replaced by home schooling (in French) and the fresh re-stock of products just arrived for the latter half of the season, were now ‘on the shelf’. A few weeks into lockdown, there was a drive by the community to provide a face mask free of charge for everyone and my local area was calling out for volunteers. So I virtually stuck my hand up, and before I knew it I embarked on a nightly ritual of mask making. For the record I made 100 in total, a small contribution to the 16,000 which were locally made.” she explains.

After months of tweaking the design for maximum comfort, especially for on the slopes, Wipeout are now producing a whole range of styles in cooling microfibre and cotton, including some in plain colours, others with ski themes.  Wipeout’s ‘Born to Ski’ design (RRP £5.99) is proving especially popular.

The full story is in this Wipeout blog.

Wipeout is also producing a “multifunctional headband” (similar to a Buff!),

“This is going to be the ultimate piece of kit this winter, as it is allowed to be worn instead of a traditional mask on the ski lifts,” says Julie.