Before we get to the meat of this review, it’s worth pointing out that the above price includes:

  • 1 frame
  • 1 lens, category 3 (revo gold or silver) or category 2 (revo blue)
  • 1 extra yellow lens (category 1) for low visibility, with protective sleeve
  • 1 strap of your choice
  • 1 goggle protector
  • 1 microfibre goggle bag

So, it’s a pretty good deal since you’re effectively getting two pairs of goggles and a whole bunch of associated tranclements (look it up) which allow you to personalise your goggles – chances are you’ll be the only skier on the mountain wearing your particular combination of frame, lens and strap – as well as being prepared for pretty much any light conditions you may encounter on the mountain.

XPR Aphex ski goggle review by Planetski

The XPR has a spherical lens which provides a very good 180-degree field of vision without any deformation or reflection, and it can be changed in seconds (even with gloved hands if you’re dextrous enough) with the lens attaching securely to the frame via a series of powerful magnets; the frame is also OTG (Over the Glasses) compatible.

The strap of the Aphex XPR is removable (you have to fit it yourself, a simple enough task), whilst the goggles’ ‘Airflux’ ventilation system is coupled with an anti-fog treatment on the inside of the lens to provide protection against fogging during approach walks or ski touring.

The strap (mine came with a very fetching ‘Fogpine’ design – there are eighteen options to choose from) is symmetrically adjustable and silicone-lined for easy adjustment and a secure fit whether you’re wearing a helmet or beanie.

Combine all this with a really comfortable fit and great looks and the Aphex XPR makes for a good value, very versatile pair of goggles.

VERDICT: Good looks, good value and totally customisable goggles – we like ‘em!

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