Review of Aphex Sunglasses and Customisable MTB Goggles

Review by Luke Rees from AWE365.COM

If you are into action sports and outdoor activities then the right eyewear ensures the best view and protects your eyes. In this review of Aphex sunglasses and customisable MTB goggles we put them to the test in the Alps. After all, eyewear for active people needs to be a bit better than just a standard pair of sunnies.

Review of Aphex Sunglasses Dunk and Draco in Les Arcs

Who Are Aphex?

Set up in 2010 by Maarten Van der Laan, a resident of the French Alps, Aphex began with ski goggles. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, adding sunglasses, MTB goggles and specialist cycling eyewear.

Their goal is to provide eye protection and optimal visibility in all of our playgrounds, whatever the weather. This is whilst favouring recycled materials and incorporating eco friendly measures such as removable and replaceable straps and lenses.

As pioneers in the personalisation of ski goggles, Aphex are proud to have inspired many imitations. Their highly customisable goggles are known as being durable, original, repairable, respectful of the environment and reasonably priced. The Aphex sunglasses also adhere to these core goals.

Active summer holiday for couples in the Alps, Arc 1950

Review of Aphex Sunglasses

I’ve worn the kit below on Alpine trips to Les Arcs and Les Menuires for mountain biking and hiking, plus a trip across the Atlantic to ride in Park City, Utah. So these sunglasses and customisable MTB goggles have been thoroughly put through their paces.

Aphex Dunk Review

As the captain of Brighton and Hove Albion (and a complete legend for us fans) Lewis Dunk is obviously the inspiration for these sunglasses. Okay so that might be wishful thinking, but it did have an effect on me choosing these sunnies…

They are unisex sunglasses with a an expanded field of view. My partner ended up having these as the flatter profile suited her more than the slightly more wrap-around look of the Draco sunglasses. And she loves them!

Review of Les Arcs Summer Activity Holiday in Arc 1950 - hike

She is usually a wearer of low cost, non-specialist sunglasses. But she was so impressed by the clarity of the fully UV protected, polarised category 3 lenses, that she uttered ‘oh my god’ when first putting them on. As an instant fan they are now her go to sunglasses for both outdoor activities and general wear.

Aphex Dunk Features

  • Biobased plastic frame
  • Oleophobic polarized lens
  • Large frame expanded field of view
  • Complete UV protection (UV400) Category 3
  • Unisex and universal mode
  • Frame : DUNK Epson
  • Lens : Polar Full Black S3
  • Low impact carton packaging
  • Microfibre protection and cleaning pouch
  • Cost £44, pick up a pair here:

Review of Aphex Sunglasses Dunk

Aphex Draco Review

While I am name dropping… My son, a big Harry Potter fan was very impressed I got Draco (Malfoy) sunglasses. I didn’t have the heart to tell him they are not named after one of his favourite charterers…

These are similar to the Dunk sunnies, but with a slightly more wrap around shape. Personally I find this better for sports as I get less wind in my eyes when riding. Again the full UV polarised lenses are category 3 and provide a lovely view of the world.

Hiking at over 2,000m in Les Arcs they were perfect at protecting my eyes from the harsh light. And on sunny days in Park City I found them to be excellent on the trail. The only problem when riding is they are a little too dark to see technical trail features in shadowy areas on sunny days – but they are not designed for this.

Review of Aphex Sunglasses Draco in Les Arcs

These are very well made, really good sunglasses. But I don’t think the contrast is as good as my SPY Happy Lens sunnies – however, they cost more than twice as much. Also the frames don’t feel quite as bullet proof as the Cab9 Edge sport sunglasses, but the Aphex Draco look better and crucially feel much lighter.

Aphex Draco Features

  • Biobased plastic frame
  • Oleophobic polarized lens
  • Anti slip temples
  • Complete UV protection (UV400) Category 3
  • Unisex and universal mode
  • Frame : DRACO Golden Poppy
  • Lens : Polar Full Black S3
  • Low impact carton packaging
  • Microfibre protection and cleaning pouch
  • Cost £44, check them out here:

Review of Aphex Sunglasses Draco

Review of Customisable MTB Goggles

During this review of Aphex Sunglasses I also tested some of their mountain biking goggles. Previously I have always worn old ski goggles that I don’t mind ruining. So it was quite a treat to have some brand new MTB specific goggles to wear.

Aphex Laniakea Goggles Review

Lets get the important things out of the way first. I have no name I can drop for these Laniakea customisable MTB goggles… But I have tested them when downhill mountain biking in Les Arcs and Les Menuires in France, plus Park city and Deer Valley in Utah.

The clear category zero lens obviously offers no UV protection from the sun. However, downhill bike helmets are big beasts with a visor, so your eyes are not in direct sunlight unless you end up laying the floor – which sometimes happens to the best of us! But the clear lens works great in the sun, rain, clouds and shadow.

Review of Aphex customisable MTB goggles LANIAKEA CROSS BLUE

They fit very well with a full face helmet and the soft foam is very comfortable on your face. Importantly, they have plenty of ventilation so they didn’t steam up, except on an extremely wet day when every part of me was soaked through.

I love the turquoise colour, with black strap. However, there are plenty of other straps you can buy, plus different colour frames and lenses. After all these are customisable MTB goggles.

Features of Aphex Laniakea Goggles

  • Frames from extra light and soft Tpu material
  • Rounded frame ventilation
  • Triple extra thick foam for extra comfort
  • Full transparent PC lens
  • Helmet compatible.
  • Price £70, available here:

Review of Aphex Customisable MTB Goggles

Review of Aphex Sunglasses & Goggles Conclusion

Aphex clearly make very good eyewear at reasonable prices. I could spend considerably more to perhaps get slightly better sunglasses or goggles. But when you buy eyewear for adventure sports and outdoor activities you know you are only one crash, one slip or one mistake from breaking or scratching them.

So buying much cheaper, but still good quality, makes sense. As does investing in gear from a brand that sells spare parts. If you need new lenses, frames or straps, Aphex sell them separately. So like Trigger’s broom from Only Fools and Horses you can keep the same eyewear indefinitely!

I hope you found this review of Aphex sunglasses and customisable MTB goggles useful and interesting. Aphex also make ski/snowboard goggles including photochromic lenses with many customisable options. Check out the full range here:

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