Make your next company gift a fabric one

At Wipeout, we’re massive fans of fabric!

Since we first created our signature Wipeout Microfibre Piste Map, we’ve made all sorts of company gifts and corporate giveaways in fabulous fabric.

If you are wondering about your next company gift, here are the top 5 reasons we recommend you should have some fun with fabric:

  1. Let’s be honest, how many times have you created your ‘perfect corporate gift’ only to have them left behind at an event or go from box to bin? Ultimately, the best company gifts are ones that people love and want to keep. That’s no mean feat, but this is where fabric is your friend – it’s oh-so versatile and you can create a unique piece that people will treasure.
  2. In an age when we all need to be conscious of our environmental impacts, a company gift made from recycled material is a perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint – particularly if it also comes packaged in recyclable material too. It’s time to say goodbye to single-use and hello to something your clients can reuse time and time again
  3. Size matters, as they say, and with a corporate gift crafted from fabric, you can go as large as you like – from a 15 x 15 lens cloth business card to an easy dry towel the size of a bath sheet and everything in between. With fabric, you can give free rein to your imagination!
  4. Better yet, there’s no compromise on print quality. You can go full-colour photographic quality on fabric and with great sublimation, you can print it double-sided too. That means the world is your oyster when it comes to creating a unique company gift that reflects your brand and its personality.
  5. When investing in a corporate gift or customer loyalty giveaway, return on investment is essential. What better than to create something bespoke that they’ll keep and use repeatedly – meaning you are always at the front of their mind?

We know that this works because Wipeout fabric gift fans tell us time and time again that their guests, clients and customers love the marketing gifts we create. What’s more, we know that everything from business cards to goggle bags and piste maps to visor covers regularly pop out of people’s pockets, bags and rucksacks!

Wipeout works with a host of sports and outdoors businesses to create customised and bespoke company gifts. From ski lift operators to mountain guides and tour operators to luxury lodges and hotels.

What’s more, we have exclusive distributorships of some fantastic fabric items that mean you can set yourselves apart – with an entry price point to suit everyone:

  • SOGGLE – in our opinion, the best quality Google, Visor and Sunglass covers on the market today. Super soft lens cloth in vivid prints that you can customise. Alternatively, start with a blank canvas and create your own design – we offer complete artwork services for all SOGGLE products.
  • HOP & DOWN – only available to UK businesses via Wipeout; the HOP & DOWN collection is the definition of fun with fabric. From boxer shorts printed with piste maps, street maps, or underground networks from all over Europe to gym wear and picnic blankets.
  • WIPEOUT – not forgetting the original Wipeout Microfibre Map and other bespoke microfibre items. If you have a route, a course, or a map, then this is for you. We’ve helped ski resorts, golf courses, sailing clubs and trekking companies create fabric maps that are indestructible whatever and can just be scrunched up and popped in a pocket.

If you are ready to redefine your approach to your company gifts and move over to the fabric zone, we’d love to hear from you. Let us inspire you with our design suggestions and give you a free quote for your next marketing giveaway.

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